Keynote Speaker

Jerry Yudelson is internationally recognized as one of the top green building keynote speakers.

Dubbed by Wired magazine “The Godfather of Green,” since 2007, Jerry Yudelson has spoken to business and professional audiences at green building events on six continents.

These events have included major green building hubs such as Sydney and Melbourne, Singapore, Bilbao (Spain), London, Toronto, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt and Munich; and they have also included events in emerging green building countries such as Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, South Africa, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico and Qatar.

Yudelson is known for his insightful perspectives, humor and a data-driven approach that reveals the realities of green building industry.

Reinventing Green Building:
Carbon Free by 2030!

A New Presentation for 2017 by Jerry Yudelson

Jerry Yudelson speaking at World Water Day about drought issues in the Southwest.

Jerry Yudelson speaking at World Water Day about drought issues in the Southwest.

Our Challenge
Building construction and operations are the largest source of carbon emissions in the world. The 2030 Challenge aims to produce zero net-energy from new construction by 2030 while cutting 50% of carbon emissions from existing buildings. 

The Result So Far?
After 15 years of LEED, less than 1% of all commercial and residential structures in the U.S. and Canada are certified to a green building standard. By this measure, we will fall catastrophically short of our carbon-reduction and healthy building goals. 

The Talk
Reinventing Green Building combines an insider's critique of the current state of affairs with a potent vision for the future. This highly visual, data-driven, ultimately optimistic presentation brings together:

  • Up-to-date, factual information on green building programs, certifications, costs and market penetration
  • Radical new approaches to designing certification systems and enhancing user experience
  • Creative, outside-the-box solutions using the Internet of Things, big data analytics and cloud-based technologies for building management.

The Presentation
Jerry Yudelson is a leading author and keynote speaker about green design, building performance and sustainable cities. He says we must push the reset building on green building certification by: 

  • Adopting a new approach that is smart, simple, and sustainable. 
  • Using the technology that we all carry in our pockets. 
  • Cutting costs by 90% to 99% and adding real business value.

Reinventing Green Building presents a dramatically new approach to building certification, designed to radically cut costs while rapidly increasing marketplace uptake. This interactive presentation presents facts, introduces new perspectives, challenges listeners’ perceptions, and engages them in a creative dialog. 

About the Speaker
As shown in the map at the top of this page, Jerry Yudelson, PE has keynoted green building events in 17 countries since 2007. He is the author of 14 books in the field and since 2006 has led Yudelson Associates, a leading green building and sustainability consultancy. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Reinventing Green Building.

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