Did You Know Where Green Building Came From?

Most people active in green building who have entered the field after 2005 don’t really know the history of this movement. This infographic from my new book, "Reinventing Green Building" charts the development of green building from its roots.

It starts with the birth of the green building industry at the UK Building Research Establishment in 1990. This is something few know predated the formation of the US Green Building Council in 1993.

You might also not know that the BREEAM rating system was the model for LEED or even that BREEAM has certified more systems than LEED. Since 2010, adjusted for the 5x larger population of the US, BREEAM has certified more commercial projects per capita than LEED.

From "Reinventing Green Building" @ 2015 Jerry Yudelson

From "Reinventing Green Building" @ 2015 Jerry Yudelson

Sometimes, it helps to get a little perspective on green building, lest we think that everything originated in and revolves around what happens in the US!